REST Basics

When you make a request to the eTermin's REST API you need to address each ressource by a unique URI. The operations which can be done with the resources can be defined using the HTTP verbs. Our API uses all four REST commands - GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.


read resources


create resources


edit resources


delete resources


The standard API URL to be used is "{resource}" In every request you must carry with it an API key (you find this key in the account settings), a signature and a randomly generated salt string.

The header of each request should contain following elements:

  • publickey
  • salt
  • signature

To generate the signature:
  • Generate a random string to get a new salt
  • Generate the signature by hashing the salt using SHA256 with the secret key as the key
  • base64 encode the signature

Please see the example below how to create the signature that you need to use in each request.


You can find a documentation of the resources here.

Push notifications - Webhooks

eTermin can send you a push notification once an appointment was created, modified or deleted on the eTermin platform. On your side you need to implement a handler that can read the variables. The supported variables you can find here. You can specify the address of the handler in the "Configuration->Integration - API->API" tab. In this tab you also will be able to send test notifications to your handler. Also, please take a look ath the examples below.