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Professional appointment management starts with the eTermin online booking software.

Online appointment booking from your website, Facebook, or e-mail

Online appointment booking through your website, Facebook, or e-mail

Speed up your direct business! With eTermin, you offer your customers the possibility to access all available appointments online and book one right away. We integrate the eTermin online booking widget into your website and adjust the layout according to your needs.

  • Customer acquisition and customer care through direct online bookings
  • Personal look & feel of your booking site
  • User-friendly, responsive interface

Easy appointment management in the eTermin console

Access your online calendar anywhere and any time. eTermin has been optimised for all mobile devices so you and your employees can manage your appointments while on the road in a quick and easy fashion. And even better: If you postpone or cancel an appointment, your customer will automatically be notified of the changes via text and e-mail.

  • Handy day, week, month and list views.
  • Filter and search feature for booked appointments
  • Customisable colour design for appointments and services
Online appointment management in the eTermin console
The eTermin online booking system offers unique and entirely automatic calendar synchronisation

Unique, entirely automatic calendar synchronisation

Thanks to the automatic transmission of all online bookings to the eTermin calendar, you're always on top of everything. Your appointments can be synchronised with all popular online calendars (e.g. Outlook, Google, iCloud, and iCal). The synchronisation works both ways. That way, appointments can be created and edited in a quick and easy fashion. All corresponding customer data that is created automatically during the first online booking will be synchronised as well. If an existing customer makes an appointment over the phone, entering the name or the e-mail address manually into any online calendar is enough for eTermin to gather the customer's remaining details and correctly match them.

  • All appointments in one calendar - convenient and always available
  • Automatic notifications and reminders
  • Smart matching of customer data through easy input of name or e-mail

Reduced no-show rate thanks to reminders

Reduce no-shows with eTermin's automatic appointment reminder feature. Your customers will be notified in time of the upcoming appointment via e-mail and text. This manner of reminding customers of an appointment is less intrusive than a call, improves your customer service and saves you valuable time. The notification message and the time it is sent out can be chosen at your discretion.

  • Automatic and personalised appointment reminders
  • Reduced no-shows and sales shortfalls
  • Improved customer service
High adherence to schedules through appointment confirmation and reminder features
Payment options during the online booking process

Payment options during the online booking process

With eTermin, your customers can pay for booked services in a convenient and quick fashion with PayPal, credit card or SOFORT online payment. That way you get your money faster and will not have to worry about outstanding payments any longer. The payment feature can be configured at your discretion. Additionally, you can use eTermin to create invoices, offers, etc. in next to no time.

  • Configurable payment feature: You decide if appointments require a full payment or a deposit
  • Decide which services must be paid for online
  • Easy creation of invoices, payment reminders, offers, credit notes, order confirmations and delivery notes via Billomat interface

Data security: protection for you and your customer data

eTermin makes sure that your business and customer data are securely protected. All data transmissions are encrypted and subject to strict Swiss privacy laws. The eTermin online booking system uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a connection that guarantees the highest level of protection and is also used for online banking systems.

  • 100% data security
  • SSL encryption
  • Secure data transmission
eTermin offers the highest level of privacy and data protection
Using the online booking system, you can manage your services and prices

Flexible management of services and prices

Show your customers what you have to offer. Using eTermin, you can define your entire service catalogue with just a few clicks. Categorise all services that can be booked online in a quick and easy fashion. Additionally, add images, detailed descriptions and prices. Define the duration as well as preparation and follow-up times. Once the booking is complete, the details regarding the time and services will automatically be added to your calendar.

  • Add an unlimited number of services
  • Intuitive and user-friendly service overview
  • Aesthetic layout with images

Employee and resource management

Create a personal profile for yourself and your employees and add defined work hours and services. That way you make sure that your customers can only book services with a specific employee who is actually available. eTermin allows you to manage every employee profile in an easy and centralised fashion or to grant your employees individual access and editing rights.

  • Detailed overview and optimisation of work hours (including holiday and absence planning)
  • Avoid wrong or duplicate bookings
  • Perfect scaling for every business size
The online booking platform allows you to manage your employees and resources
The online appointment system allows you to manage your customers

Customer management and overview feature

eTermin makes customer and appointment management easy. If a customer makes an appointment online, their details are automatically added to the system. That way you always have an overview of all necessary information and all booked appointments. Additionally, eTermin supplies you with an analysis of your employee workload and the frequency of booked services. The integrated search feature helps you to locate this information in a quick and easy fashion.

  • Automatic and manual creation of customer profiles
  • Appointment history for all booked services and employees including customer feedback
  • Easy import and export of customer details between eTermin and other systems

Manage vouchers and multiple appointment contingents

Create and manage codes for vouchers and appointment packs . eTermin allows you to configure promotions and vouchers or packs, e.g. by service, date or number of persons. Additionally, you can define other booking options, for example whether an allocation or coupon can only be used with certain or all employees.

  • Easy coupon and appointment pack management
  • Overview of all open and redeemed coupons
  • Customer loyalty through efficient couponing
The online booking system allows you to manage your coupons
The online booking system also offers marketing features

Systematic marketing

eTermin offers you quick, easy, and successful marketing. Direct your customers' attention to offers, discounts or coupon promotions and target your advertisements to new services or specials. The online booking system offers you a variety of features you can use to plan your marketing activities and implement them effectively. Make your customers remember you and turn them into loyal fans of your business - for example through automatic birthday messages, personalised newsletters, or promotions.

  • Personalised and targeted customer contact
  • Increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • More sales through increased capacity utilisation

Open programming interfaces for efficient work

Using the open eTermin programming interface (API), you can directly synchronise your tools, systems or apps with the eTermin booking system. That way you can transmit customer or booking details to another web-based software after every appointment booking. Additionally, you can import and export all customer and booking details as a list to all popular file formats. The eTermin API allows you to synchronise data with other systems and automate typical work scenarios. This means less typing, fewer mistakes and less work for you.

  • Numerous interfaces with third-party providers
  • Compatible with various software applications
  • Manual data entry and transmission become obsolete
eTermin offers interfaces with external applications

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