Multilingual: Our courses are simultaneously subtitled in german, english and russian language.
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22007 NO. This is my very first course (or the certificate has expired) False00False0False500False-1
22008 YESMy certificate is still valid. So please show me your first aid refresher courses. False00False0False500False-1
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22017 FIRST AID COURSE FOR DRIVERS LICENCE | 7,5 hrs€ 30,- False00False450False5015True-1
22009 FIRST AID COURSE FOR WORK AND STUDY | 7,5 hrs.First-Aid-Course acc. to DGUV-Regulation 1
€ 45,- (self-payed)
€ 0,- reimbursement by employers´ professional association (Berufsgenossenschaft)
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23221 Payment in Cash  False00False0False500False-1
23222 Reimbursement by german professional association (Berufsgenossenschaft)In case of a reimbursement by the german professional association (Berufsgenossenschaft [BG]) it is necessary to bring along the completed and signed "BG-form"
( → Anmeldung für die Aus- und Fortbildung in Erster Hilfe für betriebliche Ersthelfer").
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